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Title and Author Costs £(pounds sterling)
An Historical Atlas of Hertfordshire Edited by David Short. May 2011, 224pp, 100 maps and 30 illustrations MORE DETAILS 25.00
Snippets of Ashwell's History (Volume 1) by David Short, illustrated by Phil Collins. Short articles on various aspects of Ashwell's past. 1997, 84 pp, 41 illustrations. MORE DETAILS 4.95
Ashwell Walks by David Short. Nine walks, varying in length from 1.6 to 9.7 miles, starting from Ashwell Museum. 2002, 28pp, 13maps 2.50
Ashwell Year Book 2002.  Reports on the Parish Council activities and others organisations and societies for the previous year.  2002, 64pp, 46 illustrations 3.95
Ashwell Year Book 2001. 2001, 64pp, 44 illustrations 1.50
Ashwell Year Book 2000. 2000, 60pp, 30 illustrations 1.50
Ashwell Year Book 1999. 1999, 56pp, 27 illustrations 1.50
Ashwell Year Book 1998. 1998, 60pp, 27 illustrations 1.50
Ashwell Year Book 1997. 1997, 52pp, 20 illustrations 1.50
Ashwell Year Book 1996. 1996, 52pp, 23 illustrations 1.50
Ashwell Year Book 1995. Includes a copy of Ashwell Village Appraisal 1994/95. 1995, 56pp, 17 illustrations 1.50
Ashwell Year Book 1994.  1994, 60pp, 16 illustrations 1.50
Ashwell Village Appraisal 1994/5. Information about Ashwell collected to help planning for the future.  24pp, 1 map, 31 tables/graphs 1.00
Ashwell Village Design Statement.  Supplementary and other planning guidance for planners, developers and residents of Ashwell. 20pp, 48 illustrations, 1 map. 3.50
A Teacher's guide to Using Listed Buildings by Crispin Keith.  An aid for teachers looking and studying the built environment.  30pp, 59 illustrations. 5.95
A History of Welwyn Garden City by Roder Filler.  The story of the town born in 1920.  180pp, 101 illustrations. 11.95
Letchworth The First Garden City by Mervyn Miller. A story of the first Garden City.  244pp, 161 illustrations 20.00
Nothing for Nothing for Nobody by Jack Parker.  A history of Hertfordshire banks and banking.  64pp, 7 illustrations. 1.50
Ashwell, Hertfordshire: Monumental Inscriptions by Paul Freeman and Lorraine Headley-Neill. Record of inscriptions in Ashwell's 5 graveyards. 1986, 52 pp, 4 maps 1.50
Building Control - Victorian England by S Martin Gaskell. Clear guide to the complex subject of national legislation and local bye-laws. Essential for research into the fabric of towns and cities. 1983, 61 pp, 6 illustrations. 4.00
Fourpenny Phyllis - Phyllis Fordham of Ashwell Bury 1882-1958 by Albert Sheldrick. An estate worker's view of this great local character. 1987, 20 pp, 5 illustrations. 0.50
Tudor Churchwardens' Accounts (includes those for Ashwell, Baldock, Knebworth, Saint Peters, Stevenage) Anthony Palmer ed. History is the 'sum of thousands of local stories' and can be found here in the minutiae of these accounts. 1985, 216 pp, 1 illustration 2.00
Hertfordshire 1731-1800 as recorded in The Gentleman's Magazine by Arthur Jones ed. A rich source of information for researchers - births, marriages and deaths; bankruptcies; reports of robberies and court hearings; executions, fires, new items of every kind and the obituaries for which the GM was famous. 1993, 278 pp, 9 illustrations. 18.00
Hertfordshire Inns & Public Houses: an historical gazetteer by Graham Jolliffe & Arthur Jones. Mainly concerned with inns and public houses established before 1990 and still open in the 1990s, but many background notes extend these limits. 1995, 186 pp, 21 illustrations. 12.95
Bringing Literacy To Rural England: the Hertfordshire example by J S Hurt.1972, 35 pp, 1 illustration 0.50
Armorial Bearings of the Sovereigns of England by W J Petchey. Changes in the royal arms relating them to English history and the development of heraldic practice; a summary of the changing details of royal heraldry and a commentary on major features in the display of royal arms. Revised 1997, 32 pp, 14 illustrations. 1.25
The Common People are not for nothing: conflict in religion and politics in Hertfordshire, 1575 to 1780 by Lionel M. Munby.  This book turns the conventional viewpoint upside down showing a continuing under current of social opposition to the established society and the way this found religious forms of expression.  Paperback, 178 pages, 10 illus, 2 maps 9.95
Hertfordshire Brasses by Mary Rensten.  A popular guide to the figure brasses in the churches of Hertfordshire, with a detailed index of names and places.  Paperback, 103 pages, 76 illustrations, 1 map. 5.95
So that was Hertfordshire: Travellers' jottings 1322 to 1887 by Malcolm Tomkins.  An anthology of Hertfordshire history through the books, diaries, journals and letters of those who visited the county or merely passed through it.  Paperback, 91 pages, 13 illus, 1 map. 6.95
Garden Cities and New Towns.  Hertfordshire has the two original Garden Cities, Letchworth and Welwyn Garden City, and four of the post-war New Towns.  As well as describing the growth of the Garden Cities from original concept to the present day this book looks at their influence on the new towns which followed. Hardback, 115 pages. 14.95
Bedrooms, Chimneys and Lavatories: the development of Hertfordshire houses from shelters to homes by Arthur Jones.  An attractively illustrated booklet with many plans, drawings and photographs of buildings from Iron Age huts to modern tower blocks but mainly focussing on the development of the timber and brick buildings. Paperback, 32 pages, 99 illus. 4.95
Hertfordshire in History by Doris Jones-Baker ed. A collection of papers running from the thirteenth to the latter part of the twentieth century on topics and ranging from medieval bishops and clergy to graffiti evidence for medieval music, Herts County Council's Industrial Schools and the history of Christ's Hospital at Hertford. Hardback, 311 pages, 21 illus., 12 maps. 18.00
Community Life in Hertfordshire - 2000 by Gillian Gear ed.  A vivid picture of life and activities in 2000 in 62 Hertfordshire communities.  Paperback, 208 pages, 298 illus, 1 map. 10.00


Abstract of Plumer Charity Apprenticeships Indentures 0.30
Arthur Covington's Record of Ashwell Deaths 1877-1930 5.00
Ashwell Enclosure Award 1863 5.50
Ashwell Parish Registers - includes:
Bishops Transcripts 1604-1686
Baptisms 1686-1836
Marriages 1686-1837
Burials 1678-1863
Ashwell Tithe Commutation Apportionment 1841 4.00
Ashwell Quaker Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths 1716-1837 0.60
Bastardy Bonds 0.30
Chapman Charity Disbursements - abstracts 1.10
Churchwardens' Accounts - 17th century 1.75
Churchwardens' Charity Accounts 1759-1771 1.15
Independent Meeting House, Ashwell - Register of Births, Baptisms and Burials 1796 - 1837 0.85
Index of Tentants - Tithe Award 1841 0.15
Lawrence Williams Bread Charity 0.20
Overseers' Accounts - Vol I, 1677-1701 3.75
Overseers' Accounts - Vol II, Part 1, 1722-1752 7.50
Overseers' Accounts - Vol II, Part 2, 1753-1769 7.50
Rate Survey 1829 2.50
Removal Orders - abstract 0.30
Settlement Certificates - abstract 0.30
Surveyors of the Highways Accounts 0.30
Tithe Maps 1841 6.00 per set
Vestry minutes - extracts 1723-1771 1.20

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