Talks and Tours


1.         From Hillfort to Village: the history of Ashwell

2.         A School for the Lower Orders: Ashwell Merchant Taylors’ School 1662 to 2001

3.         The Good, Indifferent and Outrageous: the story of some rural schoolmasters 1660 to 2000

4.         Reading the Landscape: what to look for to tell the story of the countryside

5.         Timber-framed houses - how they were constructed

6.         What people had in their houses 1600 - 1700

7.         Aspects of Rural Life in Hertfordshire 400 to 1500

8.         The Changing Face of Hertfordshire: the county seen through An Historical Atlas of Hertfordshire

9.         The History of Surnames

10.       Shepherding in Ashwell in the late 20th century.


Equipment: Will supply own projector.   Need a screen.

Length 30 - 60 minutes to requirements

Fee: £40.00 plus travel expenses at 40p per mile.  


Tours of Ashwell

A tour consists of a brief introduction to the history of the village followed by the tour which shows the development of the settlement and most of the important sites.  It does not include a visit to St Mary’s church or the interior of the art nouveaux URC chapel.

Length:  2 hours

Fee: £60.00


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